I had the pleasure of seeing one of the great games to be played in Arizona Stadium in the Stoops Era. It was a hot weekend, and was good to be with my family, and friends and yell BEARDOWN again. Even though my parents and their fellow Cal fans said they would win, and go the Rosey Bowl-- I tried to contain my laughter. As I may have been a little over confident. But I was excited for what lay ahead of me.

Friday night was a good one, with plenty of cervezas and good food at the Arizona Inn, and I even took my family and their Cal friends to expereince Dirtbags. Plenty of pitchers were shared, and they were definitely feeling the effects of a Friday night in Tucson.

Now to the tailgate, it was a mix of red-clad Arizona fans and Cal fans, with good food, and plenty to drink. Just like with all games the game got started with a bang, and I love the new 'L-shaped' entrance that the Wildcats have now. The game was a slow one, until those final two minutes, when the Foles-Criner connection reared its head, and led the Cats to a dramatic 10-9 victory over the Gummy Bears of Berkeley. In those final minutes, I was first in a dark place, but when the Cal kicker choked I, just like the entire team, woke up from a deep sleep. When Criner caught the 51-yard bomb, my heart stopped. When I caught that TD slant pass, I was overcome with so much joy, I can't even explain it. As the local papers described, it was a 'you had to be there' moment. And that couldnt be more spot on. Tucson owns the Golden Bears, sorry mom and dad. And to my friends, I hope to see you in Pasadena come January. BEARDOWN!!!